Initial Setup

Gmail Setup

Enabling IMAP

1) A Gmail account is required for SiriControl. For security reasons, you may create a new account. This won’t matter as you won’t be using this for personal everyday use — just for speaking commands.

2) Then, access for less secure apps needs to be turned on, which can be done here. This is because Google identifies the connection between the python script and mail servers as less secure.

3) As the script uses the IMAP protocol to fetch new Notes, IMAP needs to be enabled, under the Gmail settings.

4) Captcha's also need to be turned off and can be done here.

Apple Device Setup

Although the following steps are for an iOS device, the process is similar for macOS as well. Here's a simple guide, if required.

1) Now, navigate to the following, in your Settings and add your newly created Gmail account:

Settings –> Notes –> Accounts –> Add Account

2) Turn on Notes for that account.

3) Ensure that the default account for creating Notes with Siri is your new Gmail account.

That’s it! Now, just ask Siri to create a Note like this:

“Note this is awesome”

The new note should appear under the Notes label in your Gmail account. If not, please follow the above steps again.